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  • Location: San Giorgio – Resia;
  • Type: Reenactment, traditional festival;
  • Dates: From Saturday, March 1st, 2014 to Wednesday, March 5, 2014
  • Recommended for: All

The key element of the carnival resiano is the dance performed with traditional musical instruments Resian , the cïtira (violin) and bünkula (cello) . The dances go on for hours and hours, in the bars and spaces designed for the festivities. He also dances outside , especially on Sunday afternoons. The traditional masks are of two types: ” you lipa bile maškire ” , the beautiful white masks , the most famous because they are also presented in the performances of the folk group Resia and ” babaci ” or ” kukaci ” ugly masks . The beautiful white masks are the most precious , embellished with colorful ribbons colorful and tall hats adorned with colorful paper flowers . Wednesday, March 5th finally takes place and the funeral procession of the ” babaz ” in the square. After a suitable process is burned and delusional puppet, a representation of the end of the Carnevale.Programma : third celebrations with dancing and singing at the headquarters of San Giorgina2 / 3 from 14.00 Carnival parade in the square with the various forms and at 20:00 Celebration with dancing and singing at the headquarters of San Giorgina4 / 3 Celebrations with dancing and singing at the headquarters of San Giorgina5 / 3 at 18.00 Funeral babaz , the puppet, in representation of the end of the Carnival , is burned

Organized by:

pro Loco -Ufficio IAT c/o Sede Centro Visite Parco Prealpi Giulie
Piazza Tiglio, 3 -33010 Prato di Resia (UD)
Tel. e fax 0433/53353 – cell. 333/1126609; tel. Parco 0433/53483


This event can be easily reached from our house.