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Location: Resia;

  • Location: Meadow Resia
  • Type: Reenactment, traditional festival;
  • Date: Thursday, May 1, 2014
  • Recommended for: All


Day holiday in Prato: 11:00 am Holy Mass will be celebrated in memory

of the consecration of the church. The Parish has ancient origins, a

chapel dedicated to St. Mary on the Lawn is already talk in a document

of 1098. A first extension takes place in the 13th – 14th century. The

building was enlarged in the XVIII century. and consecrated June 24,

1718, severely damaged by the earthquake of 1976 it was restored and

reopened for worship August 10, 1997.
In a small market square comes alive.


From our guest house the event can be easily reached.

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  • Location: San Giorgio – Resia;
  • Type: Reenactment, traditional festival;
  • Dates: From Saturday, March 1st, 2014 to Wednesday, March 5, 2014
  • Recommended for: All

The key element of the carnival resiano is the dance performed with traditional musical instruments Resian , the cïtira (violin) and bünkula (cello) . The dances go on for hours and hours, in the bars and spaces designed for the festivities. He also dances outside , especially on Sunday afternoons. The traditional masks are of two types: ” you lipa bile maškire ” , the beautiful white masks , the most famous because they are also presented in the performances of the folk group Resia and ” babaci ” or ” kukaci ” ugly masks . The beautiful white masks are the most precious , embellished with colorful ribbons colorful and tall hats adorned with colorful paper flowers . Wednesday, March 5th finally takes place and the funeral procession of the ” babaz ” in the square. After a suitable process is burned and delusional puppet, a representation of the end of the Carnevale.Programma : third celebrations with dancing and singing at the headquarters of San Giorgina2 / 3 from 14.00 Carnival parade in the square with the various forms and at 20:00 Celebration with dancing and singing at the headquarters of San Giorgina4 / 3 Celebrations with dancing and singing at the headquarters of San Giorgina5 / 3 at 18.00 Funeral babaz , the puppet, in representation of the end of the Carnival , is burned

Organized by:

pro Loco -Ufficio IAT c/o Sede Centro Visite Parco Prealpi Giulie
Piazza Tiglio, 3 -33010 Prato di Resia (UD)
Tel. e fax 0433/53353 – cell. 333/1126609; tel. Parco 0433/53483


This event can be easily reached from our house.